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Today, almost 10.5 million tonnes of coffee are produced every year.
At Volcafe Select, we leverage our deep-rooted connections at origin to source and select the very best coffees for our client’s needs, whether that be unique and interesting microlots from Costa Rica, certified project coffees from Peru or critical blend components from Minas Gerais. 
With direct access to coffee from 14 of the major producing origins, playing our part in a fascinating and complex supply chain - we are dedicated to sourcing specialty coffee, connecting communities and helping build long term sustainable partnerships for our producers and roasters alike.

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Sustainability is part of our DNA

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability is immensely complex. At Volcafe Select, we believe that we need to develop individual "paths to sustainability". Gradual change is the most inclusive approach and allows to focus the energy on the most urgent pain points.

We believe in fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of farmers. Let's not forget that farmers, no matter how small, are running small businesses. By enabling them to take well-informed decisions, we can create sustainable change and positive spillover effects on the local coffee community. This is what we call the “Volcafe Way”.

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As part of the Volcafe Group, we are at home all over the coffee world.

Today, we provide beans for 80 billion cups each year and there is only one thing we prioritise above coffee itself – partnership. For our customers, we provide access to all the major coffee producing origins, from individual farmers selling a few kilos of coffee cherries in Papua New Guinea to larger plantations in Brazil. For our suppliers, many of whom we have known for generations, we provide certainty and support.

Our promise to you? Make specialty coffee business better, together.

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