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Social projects

We believe in the impact coffee can have on the community. Our range of Project Coffees support local actions in coffee producing countries, from local wildlife protection to farming improvement.

Through our extended network in origin, we implement projects in partnership with roasters and local partners to address needs in coffee producing communities related to health, housing, nutrition, and schooling. Education has been a central focus with schools recently built or renovated in countries including Colombia, Guatemala, Peru and Vietnam.

  • Aponte Indigenous Reserve - Colombia

    Descendants of the Incas, Aponte is an Inga community of about 5,000 people. After the eradication of illegal crops in the early 2000s, coffee trees have been planted and became a tremendous opportunity for the community to earn a decent income.

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  • Projekt Kaffee in DR Kongo: Virunga Nationalpark

    Virunga National Park Coffees - DR Congo

    Because the preservation of the endangered Virunga National Park in DR Congo goes hand in hand with the well-being of its surrounding population.

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  • Igarapé

    Igarapé - Brazil

    Our Project Coffee Igarapé is no ordinary Specialty coffee from Brazil. It suports the Apuí Emergency Fund Program of the Institute of Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Amazon, IDESAM.

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  • Forest Coffees - Ethiopia

    Left to grow amongst the forest with minimum or no attention, Forest Coffee from Ethiopia have always grown wild in the forests. As part of a forest conservation initiative, the potential of these forest coffees is now being fully realised.

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  • Jaguar Honey - Costa Rica

    Jaguar Honey is a coffee with an environmental purpose: for every quintal of Jaguar Honey, Volcafe Select donates $1 to the Fundación Pro Zoológicos, (Fundazoo) to help protecting the endangered Jaguars in Central and South America

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  • La Morena - Guatemala

    La Morena is a coffee that showcases the work of women farmers across Guatemala.

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  • Café Puma - Guatemala

    Fostering cohabitation between coffee farmers and pumas in coffee-growing regions of Guatemala.

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  • Gender programm

    Gender program - Uganda

    Our team in Uganda, Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd., in partnership with Strauss Coffee and aBi Trust developed a coffee game that is part of our gender programme for our farmer groups. It is used during training sessions at our voluntary Village Savings ...

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  • School in Peru

    School in Peru

    Picture this: A man from a coastal town moves to a jungle and it is love at first sight. He falls in love with a woman and decides to stay. You must be thinking, this must be an incredible forest or an incredible love.

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Coffee with Purpose

Community, Conservation, Connection