We have local teams of agronomists and field officers in each of our 15 origins who are in daily contact with farmers. This gives us exclusive access to special lots right from the source.

Once a coffee of interest has been found, the producing farm is singled out. The selected lot is then fast-tracked down a separate route to keep it from being blended into mainstream coffee. Many of our origin operations have developed quality reward bonus schemes to further incentivise farmers to continuously improve the quality of their crop, as well as offering all year round training and farm support. Our local operations ensure the coffee is graded, packed and shipped export-ready to meet our clients’ high standards.

We are engaged in a wide variety of social and environmental projects and are always happy to support new and worthy ventures. We have seen the benefits of these projects first-hand and take great pleasure being a part of them. Simone is the person to talk to with years of experience managing numerous projects across the globe.

How to tell Volcafe Select about your coffee

We are always excited to discover new coffees. If you believe you have a precious and extraordinary coffee, please get in touch! We are looking for traceable coffee scoring 84 SCAA points and above. We especially love learning about where your coffee comes from, so be sure to include the background information.

If your coffee fits the bill, get in touch. Please complete the Application Factsheet about your coffee and return it to us at . We will get back to you as soon as we can.